Fishin' Girl Surf-Fishing Charters

The Ultimate Beach-Fishing Experience in Northeast Florida Awaits!

When you're on Florida's east coast, fishing on the beach is not just an activity; it's an absolute must-do! And what better way to immerse yourself than to learn from the best? Enter Cathy Sanders, a surf fishing professional, renowned for her unparalleled expertise and passion.

Fishin' Girl Surf Charters

Imagine the sun kissing your skin, the waves lapping at your feet, and the thrill of reeling in your prize catch, all while being mentored by a true professional. Memories crafted on these shores, with the guidance of a pro like Cathy, aren't just memorable; they're priceless.

What do you need? Come prepared for a fantastic day at the beach, armed with a Florida Saltwater Shoreline Fishing License (Free for FL residents, $17 for a 3-day pass for non-residents). Pack a cooler with ice, ready to carry home your prized catches of the day.

Rest assured, from bait to tackle, we've got you covered. Our top-tier equipment ensures you have everything needed to land that dream catch. Plus, safety is paramount to us. Every guide, led by Cathy, is certified in both adult and pediatric first aid/CPR/AED.

So, if you're seeking memories forged in salt and sun, coupled with invaluable lessons from the best in the business, Fishin' Girl is one of the best Floria Fishing Trips you can book. Dive into this unparalleled surf fishing adventure today!

Description: 3 hour surf-fishing (land-based) charter on a Flagler County beach
Rates: $250 up to 2 anglers, $75 each additional angler.
Max: 12 anglers.

Fill out our charter booking form above or contact Cathy at 386-264-1587 or email ( to book a charter.

Already booked a charter? Sign our waiver Here. Watch the video below to know what to expect.

What to Expect on a Fishin' Girl Surf-Fishing Charter

  • "Very knowledgeable Guide"

    "Had a great time surf fishing with the one and only Fishin' Girl, Cathy! I haven't surf fished in over 30 years and my son has only dabbled in it, so thought we'd learn a little bit from her. Well, a little bit turned into a lotta bit and we're now armed with enough info to be dangerous on our own. A nice kicker was the fact we caught fish pretty much the whole time! A big black drum, whiting, bluefish, bonnetheads, and even a spot. Great time with a knowledgeable guide. Highly recommend!”

    - Jeff

  • "Cathy knows her stuff!"

    "I’ve been fishing a long time, but infrequently from the beach. Right from the start, it was obvious Cathy knew her stuff. First, she scouted the
    area and made sure we had a fishable beach. Her cart was the most complete, tricked out gear buggy and tackle box I had ever seen. She got us fishing quickly, demonstrating different rigs, techniques, and bait options. Conditions were tough—tide was high, surf and rip currents were strong, and water was dirty—and Cathy still put us on a bunch of fish, five different species and a few quality bluefish. What I really appreciated was her willingness to keep varying presentations until something worked consistently, unlike past guides that go “big or bust” with one technique (and sometimes bust). I would recommend Captain Cathy to anyone looking for a change of pace from boats and bass."

    - Jason S.

  • "Great time. Highly Recommend!"

    "Had a great morning with Cathy. She had us at an easy access beach, provided all the equipment and bait. We are experienced at surf fishing but
    wanted to have someone help us improve our casting technique. She was awesome. My wife can toss 10' rods, I'm doing better and we learned to throw a cast net. Cathy can scale a trip for whatever level you are. Nothing like taking fresh fish home for dinner!"

    - Shelly A.

If you have a question that is not answered below, email to get the answer.


What is surf fishing?

Surf fishing is shore-based fishing where your feet are planted on the land (sand/beach) and you are casting into the water. A surf charter is in the beach, and not from a boat or pier.

Do you do boat charters (inshore or offshore)?

Not at this time.

How much does it cost to book a charter?

$250.00 for up to 2 anglers, $75 each additional angler (Max: 15 anglers). A deposit of $100 is due at the time of booking. The balance and gratuity can be paid on the day of the charter. Fill out the charter booking form and we will get in touch with you.

What do I need to bring and what do you supply for the charter?

Bring what you need to have a fun day at the beach (hat, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, beach chairs, beach towels, bug spray, camera, water shoes, drinks and snacks --no alcohol please, and no glass! In certain seasons you might need a light jacket or sweater in the morning or evening) andmake sure you have a Florida Saltwater Shoreline Fishing License(Free for FL residents, $17 for a 3-day pass for non-residents). Bring a cooler and ice to take your fish home. We supply surf-fishing instructions from a professional guide, all the bait, tackle, and equipment needed to catch fish!

Are men allowed on Fishin' Girl charters?


Are children allowed to come along? How old does a child have to be to learn to fish?

Yes! There's nothing like seeing a child's face light up when they reel in a fish! Up to 4 people are allowed in the training. If you have children who are too young to hold a 10-12 foot fishing pole and learn to fish, bring along your beach toys, and we will find ways to help them have a good time while those on the charter are learning to surf fish. Note: Children must be monitored by parents at all times. The surf guide cannot watch children, as they will be working directly with those fishing.

What if it rains or there's bad weather?

We will be planning ahead for top weather and surf conditions. If schedule permits, we can move days and times around. There's always the potential for a brief shower in Florida, but thunderstorms will put an end to the charter for safety's sake. In the event we have to cancel your trip for weather or other safety concerns, it will be rescheduled.

Where will we meet? Can we fish in front of our hotel or condo?

We will be determining the best location and time of day for fishing a day or so prior to the charter. We try to choose locations with public restrooms and lifeguards on duty if possible. If you only have a certain window or time or want to fish in a particular location, we can do that too! Our focus is on educating you so you know what to do when you go out there fishing on your own. We will try our best to catch fish while you are learning, but we can't guarantee that they will be at the charter location or wanting what we have to offer that day. But we WILL have a great time full of lasting memories!

How do I pay for the charter?

We accept payment through apps like Venmo, Cashapp, and cash. A deposit of $100.00 will be due at the time of booking, and the balance of what is owed due at the end of the charter. All deposits are fully refundable for cancellations up to 14 days in advance of your charter.

Is tipping recommended?

Yes, tipping 10-20% gratuity is the industry standard for an excellent job done by your guide.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations are accepted up to 5 days prior to your reserved charter date. If you decide to cancel your booking less than 5 days in advance, the $100 deposit will not be refunded. There is no cost to the client for cancellation made by the guide due to poor weather conditions.Please note that canceling the day of will forfeit the trip’s amount in its entirety.

Will we catch fish for sure?

We will do everything in our power and that we know to do to get a fish on the line for you throughout the charter experience. However, we cannot promise that the fish will be biting. We have years of experience, and if we are struggling to get the fish to bite, most likely others are experiencing similar results. What you will catch for sure is enough information to get back out there on your own and fish in the surf. Plus one of our main goals is that you have a good time!

Do I need a fishing license?

If you are under 16 or 65 and older, you will need to make sure you have a Florida Shore-Fishing Salt Water License (Free for FL residents, $17 for a 3-day pass for non-residents). I also highly recommend taking the free shore-based shark fishing course.