November 28th - Thanksgiving Morning Fishing Meetup - Club Members Only


Ever wonder how Fishin' Girl was born? Flashback to Thanksgiving Day 2021, when a dear friend and I decided to swap spatulas for fishing rods, seeking thrill and laughter before diving into kitchen duties. Now, it's not just tradition, but a delightful challenge: Can you out-fish last year's catch and bring home something fresh for the holiday feast?

Want in on this exhilarating pre-feast fishing escapade? Join our exclusive Fishin' Girl Online Women's Fishing Club group on Facebook to uncover the rendezvous details:

*** Distance won't dampen our spirits! If our location isn't within your casting range, rally your local ladies and host your very own Fishin' Girl Thanksgiving Morning Challenge. Whether it's by the beach waves, a serene river, a vast lake, or even the neighborhood pond, make it unforgettable! Snap, share, and showcase your catches; let’s see who reels in the prize catch this Thanksgiving!

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